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Iau Zee Waynes (3 years ++) start to learn Abacus program.
Eddie 7 yrs old
Ee Shern ( 7 yrs old ) VS Jan Yang ( 8 yrs old)
New intake at SK Sungai Udang
6 years old student doing mental
Demo at Sk Sungai Udang
Doing calculation without abacus
Girl (Elise) with Sam Mental Arithmetic since 6 year old and currently she is standard 3 keep going girl.
Mental calculation
6years old doing by mental
three 8 years old student pratice mental level 9 in 2min
Murid ini umur 9 , guna lebih kurang sebulan mahir bahagi tanpa abakus
Abacus Mental Arithmetic level 7 (Addition)
Abacus Mental Arithmetic level 7 (multiplication, division & addition)
Abacus Mental Arithmetic level 8 (Division)
Abacus Mental Arithmetic

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